Great KnitCrate Hexipuff Challenge of 2014

HAVE YOU JOINED the Great KnitCrate Hexipuff Challenge of 2014? Join now for a fun knitting challenge and prizes to boot!

Here is an update from KnitCrate moderator Adrienne and the link to sign up:

"I’ve just been working on the official sign-up list - would you all believe that we have 60 people signed up to participate in January? How incredible is that? We’ve still got a little more than a week to go before sign ups end, so if anyone is still on the fence or if you have friends you’d like to encourage to join us - now’s the time!

For those interested, we currently have 

- 46 signed up to complete 5-10 puffs during the month of January; 

- 10 who will complete 11-24; and 

- 4 brave souls who plan to complete 25 or more!"

Here is the link to find more information at our Ravelry group here.

Also, we've been receiving a lot of questions and interest related to this (e.g., ""what's a hexipuff?", "How can I learn to knit one?", "Where can I get the pattern for this?"). We have the perfect solution in our #1 bestselling kit the Beekeeper's Quilt Kit +FREE Instructional Video available here.