***SPOILER ALERT*** DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? IT’S SNEAK PEEK TIME (at least for Int/Adv, Beginner and Baby KnitCrates…not to worry because ALL May 2014 KnitCrates with extras are getting a sneak peek for their Fun Extra)!
Our May Int/Adv, Beginner and Baby KnitCrates will feature a RIVETING (hint hint) yarn that’ll make you feel just as cozy as your favorite pair of blue jeans (hint hint AGAIN!).
The pic speaks for the Fun Extra – you know which one will be for our Sock KnitCraters!
Baby is closed for May but you can still subscribe in time to receive the May Indie, Beginner, Int/Adv, and Sock KnitCrate (as well as Minis) here.
KnitCrate Newbies is almost full for May – subscribe NOW here if you want to learn how to knit!