Fun with KnitCrate Minis!

We've received a lot of GREAT feedback on people's progress with their Beekeeper's Quilt, as featured in our May KnitCrates and available as a kit here, and given our love (a.k.a. addiction) of knitting up honeycombs we happened along a fun way to dress them up!  We also found a few other fun ways to use your KnitCrate Minis!

Take a look at these fun free patterns by Amanda Ochocki at (click here for her minis patterns and ideas).  Amanda was very helpful and let us know that you can not only download these free patterns from her website, but there also available on Ravelry.  The picture above is of Amanda's constellation chart - she has 16 constellations total.  She also has other fun charts as well so be sure to check it out!