A few updates

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: A new giveaway is in the works…

KNTICRATE LIMITED EDITION: STEVENBE BOX UPDATE: both the "Shades of Lagoon" and "Soft Sunset" colorway themes are sold out. Order you StevenBe Box now before your favorite theme sells out! We’ll be shipping in a few weeks. Click here to order yours today!

NAMASTE UPDATE: We have completely sold out of all Namaste Hip Holster handbags. However, we have loads of new awesome Namaste bags in stock. Andrea posted a new video of some of her favorite Namaste bags – see below. Here are the links for the new Namaste bags we have in stock:

- Namaste Harlow Bag: Andrea’s “go to” bag here
- Namaste Oh Snap!: new colors here
- Namaste Devin Wristlet: one of Andrea’s favorites here
- Namaste Boardwalk Bag – a functional and fashionable backpack here

You can see all of our Namaste bags here.