KnitCrate Edict Infuser - What Do You Mean Knitting Doesn't Count As Exercise?!


Sometimes non-knitters just don't'll be well prepared with this beautifully crafted infuser for "those moments" to get your point across!

Fruit-infused waters or spritzers are perfect for those who like a little flavor with their water. Throw some berries, lemon slices or cucumber into the screw-apart fruit infuser, twist into your knitting edict bottle, and let steep. This design also prevents you from having to drink big chunks of pulp and seeds with your water. The screw-on cover makes spills less likely, especially helpful with those dark berry juices. It's wide mouth opening makes it easy to scrub and fill the bottle.
Plus, this item is made of BPA free plastic. What a natural, healthy way to make water taste great! 
Size: holds 25-oz.  Like your yarn this should be handwashed only for years of use!
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