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See video clip below... The Needle Keeper not only protects your needles, but they also hold the live stitches on your needles, protect the joints of your needles (where the cable meets the shaft), protect the materials in your bag, and the bag itself. You can feel free to shove your knitting and needles into your bag with no worry! 

Safely carry your knitting wherever you go: on the commuter bus; at the doctor's office; during lunch; on a road trip; in your back pack; to and from class. Use them on each knitting project you have WIP (work in progress).

Within 3 seconds of stopping knitting your needles and knitting are protected and you can quickly shove everything into your bag and move on with no worries!

You will want ONE IN EACH COLOR for all your Works-in-Progress. With the variety of colors, you can quickly glance into your knitting bag and see which Needle Keeper is protecting which project. The bright colors show so well against whichever color yarn you are knitting with, you can grab just the right project with no worries about dropping your stitches.

Simply slide your needles into the black end...that's it! Needles will not come out until you take them out.

EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT, yet practically indestructible thanks to innovations in metallurgical alloys.

There are no sharp edges to snag your yarn, fingers nor anything else. They are professionally smooth finished. There is only a cap on one end, as that's all that's needed.

A Needle Keeper will hold up to size US #9 / 5.5mm (both needles). If you want to protect larger, use two! Color alternate may be made if color choice is out of stock (e.g., blue for purple, pink for red) unless otherwise requested.

See it in action below!

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