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  • KnitCrate Limited Edition: Cynthia Crescenzo Box interview
  • Andrea Raetzer

KnitCrate Limited Edition: Cynthia Crescenzo Box interview

The KnitCrate Limited Edition: Cynthia Crescenzo Box has been met with a flood of demand!  We'll be closing orders shortly and shipping in a few weeks - be sure to order yours here before we close this KnitCrate exclusive offer. You do not need to be a KnitCrate subscriber to take part in this special offer!
Andrea (KnitCrate Co-Founder) loves her Zara Hooded Scarf! She recently spoke with Cynthia about this KnitCrate Limited Edition Box - see below for Cynthia's inspiration!

1.  Andrea: We at KnitCrate absolutely adore the Zara Hooded Scarf pattern Cynthia! Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I get very cold in the winter, but I really try to get out there and walk a lot anyway . Of course, I wear very warm clothes, but with constant moving, turning of my head, etc, the chill sneaks into area's around my neck and face. I started with the concept of a hat and scarf, then moved to a hood and ended up with a hooded scarf. I first knit up this design right before a snow storm last year. When we went for a walk, it was perfect!! I was so warm and literally, felt cozy inside my "hooded scarf" even though it was so cold out. Also, the Fair Isle portion really makes it a special item.

2.  Andrea:  Speaking of the fair isle portion, how hard is that for a knitter not familiar with that technique?

I love Fair Isle. It is by far, my favorite type of knitting. There is nothing more exciting than to see the colors and pattern evolve right in your hands. I have always encouraged people to try their hand at this technique. This is a good "first" Fair Isle attempt because it is only 15 rows. So if you take it slow, you should be successful. Fair Isle is traditionally worked in the round, not back and forth as this piece is, but since such a small amount is worked up, this is a great practice to work the technique on the front and back, since that is often called for in modern day knitting. However, if someone loves the garment, but does not want to work the Fair Isle, they could "easily" stripe that panel and it will definitely look as good.

3.  Andrea: Pairing this new design with Zara 14 yarn was brilliant!  Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose that yarn?

I have been in this industry for well over a decade and worked with many yarns, but I always come back to Zara. From my very first experiences as a knitter, Zara was introduced to me. Back then, only the DK weight existed. Now, there are 4 weights. The yarn has an incredible hand (super soft). The stitch definition is very crisp "and" it is washable! I specifically designed the piece to roll and frame the face and I was very specific to choose a yarn that would feel good against the skin and offer great warmth as well.

4.  Andrea: The Cynthia Crescenzo Box includes several items. Can you speak a bit about the inspiration behind each item? 

The leopard bag
To me, leopard is classic, timeless, on trend and edgy all at the same time. When designing my store, i wanted to achieve a boutique feel. The floor covering had to be something that worked with all the yarn colors in the shop, but looked stylish. Leopard carpeting was the answer. Somehow over time, leopard became part of my brand and was incorporated into my business cards, website, etc. We found this fabulous fabric and knew it had to be made into our knitting project bags. Fibersentwined makes these exclusively for us. They are lined with a cream fabric and the draw string makes it possible to tie it onto anything. Whether i am in casual or dressy mode, i feel totally comfortable sporting this bag.
The wooden ruler and needle gauge
My customers know that I am always on the search for items that have a purpose, but are special and will enhance their knitting experience. When I saw the maplewood rulers, I knew I had found a natural product that was made with a lot of care by Image Stitchery Designs. We are not usually working on big projects when we are on the go. So this size seems to work perfectly. I literally carry this ruler in every bag I have. There always seems to be a project that needs measuring every time I am out and about. As we all know, needles sizes always rub off after a while. Often, I need more than one needle size for a project. I must have a needle gauge in every bag for this purpose. 
The wooden care tag
Most knitters will attach a paper tag or card that describes the care of a garment. I have always felt that it inevitably gets lost. When I saw this hand inscribed care tag made from beautiful wood and held by a velvet ribbon, I thought it was such a special item to include with my knitting. It is such a luxurious way to give practical information.
The hand blown glass button
At Knitting Central, we truly pay attention to every detail of a garment. Sometimes, that could mean a special edging, combining yarns to achieve a certain look and in my mind, it certainly means using hand blown glass buttons from Moving Mud. When we send in snippets of all the yarn/colors used in a garment, the result are buttons custom made for you that are truly the perfect finishing touch. They are stronger than most buttons and we have been using them for over ten years. 
The Lanolin Lippy Balm
LI Livestock's whole skin care collection is one of the best I have found. Besides the fact that they use all natural ingredients, the end product is not greasy, waxy or smelly. It absorbs easily into your lips and it just works great!! I use all their products and was excited to be able to introduce this company to you.
The Tea (base not included)
I talk fast, walk fast and do multiple things at once, but the one thing i won't speed through is my knitting. It is a ritual that I very much respect and honor. Drinking a cup of tea became part of this ritual many years ago. I really enjoy Tea Forte tea satchels because they blend the ingredients in such a way that the essence of each flavor is clear and that's just the way I like my tea. I want to know what is inside that cup. As an extra bonus, the packaging is beautiful and it just makes me smile.

5. Andrea: The variety of color way themes you came up with is amazing!  What moved you to pair each of the color ways together?

The way I dress is determined by how I feel in the morning. Sometimes, I wake up in a quiet mood and my clothes reflect that. They are neutral and serene in palette. Other days I bounce out of bed full of energy. On those days, my clothes reflect my mood and are very colorful. Sometimes, I dress conservatively and others, quite funky. I basically laid out all the different ways people might feel and chose my colors based on that. As an example, when choosing some of the additional color ways, I had just taken a hike and I think that was reflected in my choice with the combination Hunter Green with Light Olive.

6.  KnitCrate: Any final thoughts on the Cynthia Crescenzo Box and what it means?

We all live a very busy life and don't often give ourselves a moment. When I knit, whether it is at home in my window seat or on the go, my knitting must bring me to my special place. I want everything in this crate to surround you with ingredients you need to get you to that special place, no matter where it might be. This crate was curated especially for you. You are not going to find most of these items anywhere else.  Enjoy...
Order this special box here.
  • Andrea Raetzer

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