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NEW SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT: Knitcrate uCurate is here!

NEW SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT: Knitcrate uCurate is here!

NEW SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT: Knitcrate uCurate is here!
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what all of our subscribers have knitted up with the luxury yarns they've received in their Knitcrate and Knitologie subscription packages...time to start rewarding all that talent! Here's the lowdown:

WHO: This is all about YOU!

WHAT: Knit or crochet up any of the yarns you receive in  your Knitcrate, Knitcrate Sock, Knitcrate Indie, Knitcrate Minis, Knitologie Yarn Club, or Knitologie Yarn Club subscription packages and follow the steps under "When" and "Where" and we'll award you 100 Knitcrate Points (that's worth $10 in our online up 500 points for $50 off!) if we use it as a new kit at our website.

WHEN: After you receive your yarn use the pattern or suggested pattern included OR use your own pattern that you think would work and start knitting / crocheting away. After you do the "Where" below click the red "help" button at our website providing a link to the applicable Ravelry page with your name so we can award your points.

WHERE: Upload your FO to Ravelry with at least 3 pics (1 of work in progress about halfway through and 2 of the finished project) with yarn and pattern details. Here is a fantastic example by a Knitlogie Yarn Club subscriber: 

WHY: Because we LOVE you and all that you do with the fabulous yarns we send you...we're so happy that we finally found a way to work with our subscribers!

Please note that not all submissions will be accepted for inclusion as a Knitcrate uCurate kit on our website for various reasons such as poor quality pictures, similarity to existing kit, etc.

See the first 4 Knitcrate uCurate kits we've added below - we've already awarded Ravelry user dsillery her 200 Knitcrate Points for her 2 kits (we know her real name) and we hope the other two will contact as noted above shortly.


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Lower Subscription Prices - Call For Contributors - Bi-Monthly Is Back - More!


In addition to the recent improvements at Knitcrate that we announcedHERE, we are SO proud and happy to announce the following major improvements at Knitcrate...change is good!

1. Subscription Price Drop - WHAAT! we've maintained the same subscription price level since our launch in 2012 while steadily increasing subscriber benefits (e.g., Knitcrate Points effectively provide a 10% discount on all subscriptions). We are so thrilled to announce that effective today we've reduced our subscription rates for both standalone subscriptions and add-ons. All current subscribers are already on the new lower rate plans. Anyone on a 3 or 6 month plan will auto rollover to a monthly plan after their current plan runs out. You can learn how Knitcrate works and see our new subscription ratesHERE.   SUBSCRIBE HERE

2. Bi-monthly Delivery - HMMMM... due to our increased capacity from hiring awesome people, we are now able to offer bi-monthly subscriptions for those who need more time between projects! This applies to the Knitcrate, Knitcrate Sock, Knitcrate Indie, Knitcrate Minis, Knitologie Yarn Club and Knitologie Sock Yarn Club subscriptions. All of the learning series (e.g., Knitcrate Dyed-My-Way) remain only available on a monthly plan because they were designed to follow a set schedule. There is no additional charge for a bi-monthly subscription plan. You can always change your subscription type and plan  SUBSCRIBE HERE

3. Call for Contributors - HUUUH? we LOVE hearing from all of our subscribers, customers and are the source of our inspiration and we want to give you an outlet to reach others! Please click the red "help" button at our website if you're interested in submitting articles, updates and more for inclusion in our blog, newsletters, Facebook page and more - you could reach 100,000 fiber artists around the world and make a real difference in their lives!

4. New Kits: we've added LOADS of fun new kits to our site HERE and we're working to have many more added in the coming months...stay tuned as you're sure to love what we bring to market!

- Andrea, Joe and the rest of Team Knitcrate

P. S. Have a great weekend!


EVERY knitter knows that emotions play a HUGE role in how we choose our yarn types, yarn colorways, patterns and what better way to express ourselves than with this beautiful package inspired by the emotional color wheel. We're all tech savvy nowadays so we've included fun bonus items including the pictured bag...use code KCEMOTICON to receive the bonus items (code cannot be combined with any other code). THIS COMPLETE PACKAGE IS OVER AN $80 VALUED LIMITED EDITION KNITCRATE AND IT'S ALL YOURS FOR JUST $60...SAVE ANOTHER 20% BY OPTING TO DOUBLE UP ON THE YARN!



HOT NEW PRODUCT: Knitcrate FO Labels are here - make it your own!   Learn more HERE

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