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30 signs you have O.C.K.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder)!

30 signs you have O.C.K.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder)!:

We’re not saying this is bad, but common symptoms and behaviors of O.C.K.D (Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder) include the following…are you shamelessly guilty?

  1. Your inbox has more knitting related newsletters and announcements than emails from family.
  2. You order knitting supplies on that “secret” credit card so your significant other won’t find out.
  3. You fear your yarn being contaminated by germs or dirt.
  4. You fear someone causing harm to your WIP because you may cause harm to them.
  5. Your car has a knitting bumper sticker that says “I just want to go home and knit” or something similar.
  6. You have an excessive focus on knitting ideas.
  7. You fear losing or not having notions you might need even when you’re not knitting.
  8. You refuse to visit any locale unless you can first find at least 2 LYS in the area to visit.
  9. You must have complete order and symmetry: the idea that every stitch must line up “just right”.
  10. You pay excessive attention to knitting orders (e.g., stalking your KnitCrate shipments at work).
  11. You have a inability to complete a WIP without starting another.
  12. You refuse to say no to a KAL regardless of how busy you are.
  13. You’ve trained your children and/or loved ones to wait to approach you when you’re counting.
  14. You swear you have the perfect line up of WIPs until you see what a friend is knitting and you have to add that to your que.
  15. You keep a WIP in your glove compartment “just in case” you get stuck in a traffic jam.
  16. Ordering or arranging your yarn stash “just so”.
  17. While organizing your stash you find several skeins that you have no idea where or when you bought them.
  18. Accumulating a “mega stash” with yarn you’ll never use because you just know you’ll find that perfect pattern one day.
  19. Your stash grows exponentially to the number of WIPs you have.
  20. When something goes right at work your reward is a yarn shopping spree.
  21. You’ve worn a groove into your fingernail from helping your yarn off your needle.
  22. You’d rather go shopping for yarn than for clothes.
  23. When you do go shopping for clothes you see a sweater, hat, etc. and think “I could knit that”.
  24. You stay up late at night because you have to do “just one more row”.
  25. You mumble in your sleep things like “just one more row”.
  26. You can’t see yarn without touching it.
  27. You type all words that should start with “n” with “kn”.
  28. You have more than one blog, one for life and one for knitting.
  29. Your family have to qualify “Lets have dinner tonight” with “but don’t bring your knitting”.
  30. You read this entire list and laughed at least twice.