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Great Knits for Guys

Do you have a special guy in your life and you want to knit something for him, maybe for Father’s Day? Or maybe you’re a male knitter and you want to knit something for yourself. Either way, you’ve got a lot of options out there for what to knit. How do you narrow it down?

The first thing to keep in mind is that all men are different and have different preferences. Some men prefer simple, understated designs and colors. Some men love to explore an adventurous style. So be sure to keep in mind the preferences of whatever guy you’re knitting for. With that in mind, I generally think of a few categories of items when thinking about knitting for guys: scarves, hats, sweaters, and socks.

Isometric Scarf by Alice Caetano

A scarf is a great knit because many scarf patterns are easily memorizable. It is also easy to see progress on a scarf, which can be encouraging to the knitter. One recently published scarf pattern that has caught my eye is the Isometric Scarf pattern by Alice Caetano. It is published in Issue 3 of Rib Magazine and features striking geometric patterns, which gives it a distinctive modern look while maintaining a understated air of classy sophistication. 

There are lots of other choices for scarves, too. At the time of writing this blog, Ravelry has 46,242 scarves in their database, and even when you filter it to male or unixex patterns, there are still 12,265 matches. You have a lot of choices, ranging form the simple to the wild. If you want help narrowing those choices down, check out the pattern section on the KnitCrate website, where you can search for men’s scarves, too. I know I would love to snuggle up with the Stormy Billows scarf, for example.

Lombard Street Hat by Pelykh Natalie

Moving up from the neck to the top of the head brings us to hats as a great category of knits for guys. I am always looking for something to put on my head, and I love a cozy knit hat in the cooler months to help keep warm. Another Ravelry search, this time for unisex or male hats, yields 37,301 results. Again, if you want help narrowing those down, the Knitcrate pattern selection returns a more managable selection to browse through. My personal recommendation for a great hat for guys is the Thundertwist pattern. (Granted, I may be a little biased since I designed that pattern!) This hat features a simple twisted stitch cable that culminates in a stunning crown pattern.

Asymptote Pullover by Lars Rains

Scarves and hats are usually fairly simple and quick knits, so if you want to dig your needles into a more substantial project, you’re probably going to want to knit a sweater. When picking out a guy’s sweater, I’ll definitely steer you to Rib Magazine again. Every issue has included at least one sweater, and they are all sweaters that I think any man would love to wear. A simple, classic pullover is suitable for almost every occasion. And a snug cardigan makes for a comfortable garment to relax in. One thing I love about sweaters is that the large knitting area creates a great canvas on which to showcase your skills. Do you love knitting cables? There are over 4,000 sweater patterns in the Ravelry database that feature cables and come in men’s sizes. Perhaps you like colorwork? There are over 7,000 sweater patterns in the Ravelry database with some sort of colorwork and come in men’s sizes. I’ve been particularly impressed by the Icelandic sweaters featured in Modern Lopi: One by Lars Rains. The Asymptote Pullover is one that I’d especially love to have in my own wardrobe.

Hyak Socks by Kim Swingle

Finally, let’s head down to the feet and talk about socks. Almost all guys wear socks, and handknit socks are a special treat. While I personally love wild colors and interesting designs on my own socks, I keep hearing that many men prefer a simple design and color combination. I learned how to knit socks using Susan B. Anderson’s “How I Make My Socks” pattern (with modifications for my size 13 foot – I cast on 72 stitches), and that’s a great sock pattern for any occasion. Find a sock yarn in colors that your guy will love, and you’re off to the races. I’m currently knitting a pair of basic socks with the Skirted Fleece Mill Yakity-Yak sock yarn I received in my October 2017 KnitCrate Sock Crate and contrasting yarn for the heels, cuffs, and toes. I absolutely love it and am excited about finishing them to get them on my own feet.

Are you knitting – or thinking about knitting – something for a guy? I’d love to hear what it is. Leave a comment and tell me about it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just put it on my needles and knit it for myself!

Keep on knitting for the ones you love!

-KnittingDaddy Greg

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