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How to join new ball of yarn seamlessly

How to join new ball of yarn seamlessly:

I learned how to knit from my mother, who I believe is the greatest knitter I have ever met.  She always welcomed new techniques and kept her talent fresh.  Some of the early tricks my mother taught me have stayed with me over the years.  One technique I believe doesn’t get much attention is how to join a new ball of yarn to your project.  This seems to get overlooked and it is a very important part of knitting.  Therefore, it is one of my favorite techniques to share.  It’s the way my mother taught me years ago and the way I like to teach my knitting friends.

First of all, when joining a new ball of yarn to a garment, I like to join near the seam.  That way you can hide your loose ends in the seam and not weave them through the actual garment.  If I am knitting a piece in the round, then I knit to the end of my first ball before joining a new ball.  

Many sources like to teach that you can knit to where you want to add your new yarn, drop the old yarn and start knitting with the new one.  This technique will most often result in a hole.  

(I am showing this technique with two different colors of yarn so that you are able to see the new ball and the old ball.)

When joining a new ball of yarn, I knit the final stitch of the old ball and the first stitch of the new ball, as one.  So, knit a stitch with both the old and the new held together and then drop the old ball and carry on with the new.   This will prevent a hole and also lock the stitches together.   You just have to remember to treat this as ONE stitch when you come back to it and not separate the two.  

Happy knitting, friends!


- Leslie Friend

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