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5 Easy Beginner Knitting Patterns!

5 Easy Beginner Knitting Patterns!:


When you’re just starting out knitting, the wide world of patterns available to you might seem daunting and unattainable - especially if you’re beginning to navigate tools like the Ravelry pattern search for the first time. A search for a simple hat pattern can yield thousands of results, and combing through page after page in search of the perfect one (without...

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Meet the Team: Cristi

Meet the Team: Cristi:

We are so proud of Cristi! If you are a dyer or designer who has collaborated with KnitCrate in the past year, you know Cristi.  She manages our KnitCrate collaborations and relationships with independent dyers and designers!

What you probably didn’t know about Cristi was that she was in the Fire academy all that time and just recently got accepted to a local city Fire...

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This is KnitCrate

This is KnitCrate:

At KnitCrate, we are always fervently searching for ways to share the love of the fiber arts with as many people as possible, from those who are already avid enthusiasts to those who are just curiously thinking about giving the fiber arts a try but don’t know where to begin. Part of this involves making the fiber arts more accessible to everyone by making it more affordable for everyone.  It also involves being proactive about working with independent dyers and designers and compensating them for their hard work, so that we can bring a truly unique experience to our community.  I strongly believe that introducing more people to hand-dyed natural yarns (and the fiber arts in general) helps everyone in the industry, from Local Yarn Shops to independent designers.

As KnitCrate continues to grow thanks to our amazing customers and community, I believe it has an obligation to be a greater source for good in the industry.  In this letter, I hope to explain how KnitCrate plans to do this. In particular, I would like to talk about how we are working to introduce the fiber arts to a wider audience by making it more affordable for more people, how we support independent dyers through various initiatives we have launched, and how we work with designers to ensure they are compensated fairly for all the work they do.

More accessible to everyone by making it more affordable for everyone

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August "Artisan" Crate Reveal!

August "Artisan" Crate Reveal!:


It’s time for another fun month of our KNITCRATE Artisan Crate! We know you’re just as excited as we are about Fall being right around the corner and prime knitting season getting started (sorry, those of you in the opposite hemisphere – we can’t help it!) It’s still just a touch early for us to break out Pumpkin Spice lattes or scarves, though. But it’s jusr early enough to start planning knitting projects, right?

We picked two colors to fit with our Vintage theme: Mountie Mango, which is an incredibly flattering coral pink, and Bison, which is an olive-toned neutral.

Each Artisan Crate comes jam-packed with 3 balls of Sugar Bush’s extra fine super bulky merino wool in either of the colorways pictured. They also come with 4 sassy postcards by Red Fox Designs as well as one beginner Texto Cowl Pattern and one intermediate/advanced Avantage triangle scarf pattern. Scroll to take a closer look at this month’s goodies!

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Tips and tricks for the October 2017 KNITCRATE by Dayana Knits

Knitting For Stress Relief

Knitting For Stress Relief:

A Healthy Effect Of Knitting: Stress Relief

I learned how to knit during a very stressful time of my life — when my daughter was born two-and-a-half months earlier than expected. She’s doing great now, but those first few weeks were full of all sorts of stress that I really wasn’t prepared for. Inspired by some preemie hats our family received when my daughter was in the...

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How to join new ball of yarn seamlessly

How to join new ball of yarn seamlessly:


I learned how to knit from my mother, who I believe is the greatest knitter I have ever met. She always welcomed new techniques and kept her talent fresh. Some of the early tricks my mother taught me have stayed with me over the years. One technique I believe doesn’t get much attention is how to join a new ball of yarn to your project. This seems to get...

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30 signs you have O.C.K.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder)!

30 signs you have O.C.K.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder)!:

We’re not saying this is bad, but common symptoms and behaviors of O.C.K.D (Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder) include the following…are you shamelessly guilty?

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Tips and Tricks for the September KnitCrate Membership by Dayana Knits

Tips and Tricks for the September KnitCrate Membership by Dayana Knits:


Dayana Knits for KnitCrate September 2017

Let’s Face It – It’s All About the Yarn


Yes, that’s what we really think about – opening a KnitCrate to see which plush eye-grabbing yarn is lying in wait inside! I’ve gotten to the point where I open the box and use the enclosed intro and pattern cards to shield my eyes and stretch out the surprise.

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The Evolution of Knitting in the USA

The Evolution of Knitting in the USA:

I’ve been knitting for over ten years, and I’ve also been the director of our local historical museum for the past four years. But, until recently, I hadn’t thought about putting my two loves together and looking into the history of knitting. As a product of today’s world, I suppose I just thought knitting was a fun hobby to keep my fidgety hands busy, and I...

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