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Join the Circular Fashion Economy

A little luxury is a treat we all deserve. We help you treat yourself to luxurious natural-fiber yarns at affordable prices, exercise your creativity by making your own garments with exclusively designed patterns and help the environment in the process.

Our Philosophy

Spreading love and happiness through community by igniting creativity

Eco-friendly by Nature

All of our yarns are made mostly from wool or other natural fibers. By their very nature, they are:


Natural fiber yarns are expensive. Through our curated subscription service, we have organized our entire business model to enable us to offer these natural fiber yarns at 50% off regular retail prices and make them affordable to more people. Not only is this good for business, but it is also good for the environment.

Want to do even more? Pick the eco-friendly subscription option. Why?

Biodegradable Fiber + Packaging

Wool's biodegradable and renewable characteristics makes wool highly valued by recyclers, extending the use of the raw fiber even further, usually giving it a 2nd or 3rd life. At the end of the life of each wool garment, and because wool is biodegradable, it acts as a fertiliser releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

The Fight Against Fast Fashion

By making your clothing accessories and garments by hand from natural fiber yarns, you are really helping fight against the wastefulness of the fast fashion industry. Fast fashion is disastrous; quickly going through outfits made of synthetic petroleum-based fibers and treating clothing as if it is disposable is putting an enormous weight on the environment. To say it is unsustainable is an understatement.

Plant a Tree for Each Shipment

KnitCrate will contribute part of its profits from each eco-friendly subscription sold each month to offset that shipment's carbon footprint by donating to an active sustainability project (ex. solar or wind farm). We will also plant a tree in your honor with each month's eco-friendly subscription payment. This means after a year, you'll have planted 12 trees! (Psst... bonus... we offset your shipment's carbon footprint for every purchase you make, not just your eco-friendly subscriptions :)

What we believe

You may be thinking, "I'm just one person, what good can I do?" We want KnitCrate to be a small answer to that question. We have positioned the company as a conduit where a single customer's purchase can be combined with thousands of others to support an important cause. Not only is the product you are buying fighting against the wastefulness of fast fashion, but now a portion of the company's profits are going toward replenishing the parts of the Earth that most need reforestation and carbon footprint offsets. We give you a way to individually do good while simultaneously being a part of a larger movement trying to improve our planet.

You shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for you and what's good for the environment.